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What We Look To Accomplish

Since 2005, MASS has provided Pre-Release Case Management Services, funded by the Ryan White Part A Program, to eligible inmates living with HIV/AIDS in penal institutions located within the Norfolk Transitional Grant Area (TGA). This area encompasses the Greater Hampton Roads region and the coastal county of Currituck, North Carolina. MAI Outreach Service was added in 2007 and Pre-release Case Management Services were expanded to include Medical Case Management Services in 2008.

Who We Are

Minority AIDS Support Services, Inc. (MASS), formerly known as Health and Home Support Services, Inc. (HHSS), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit AIDS service organization located in Newport News, Virginia. MASS was established in 1998 as a community-based service organization to provide health care support to disadvantaged persons. MASS is operated by African-American executive management and direct services staff members serving predominately African-American and minority clients.

Medical Case Management Services

The MASS Medical Case Management program initiates critical services for eligible HIV/AIDS clients in our local community. Our services include assisting recently released inmates in an effort to promote access to HIV services and to facilitate continual care and monitoring for those in need. Our staff consists of a wide range of caring individuals, including medical social workers, social work case managers, nurse case managers, HIV educators, certified HIV testers, and intake/outreach specialists.

HIV Education & Testing

All of MASS staff members are certified and trained to conduct the RAPID HIV testing. All staff are trained to implement the pre- and post-test counseling. HIV education is currently being conducted in the Department of Corrections, Norfolk State University, area churches and area community health events. MASS also accepts walk in for rapid HIV testing.

Early Intervention Services

Our Minority AIDS Initiative Funding (MAI EIS) activities include HIV/STD Education, HIV Testing, Counseling and Referrals, and Outreach services incorporating the Social Network Strategy Model for several service areas in the Norfolk Transitional Grant Area (TGA). These areas account for at least 10% of the TGA’s reported cases of HIV/AIDS.


MASS Outreach Programs

Our Outreach Programs help clients overcome the barriers that prevent them from accessing care on a regular basis, provide emotional support and help them remain in care. In order to intensify our activities to prevent HIV infection, MASS has partnered with the Black AIDS Institute to participate in the Test 1 Million (T1M) campaign.


Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program was designed to assist homeless HIV/AIDS inmates who have been recently released from jail to successfully reintegrate themselves back into the community. This program integrates with the Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Linkages and Resources for Inmates (CHARLI) Program funded by the Va. Dept. of Health (VDH).

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