MASS Outreach Programs

The T1M Campaign

In order to intensify our MAI EIS activities to prevent HIV infection, MASS has partnered with the Black AIDS Institute to participate in the Test 1 Million (T1M) campaign. T1M is the Black AIDS Institute’s signature mobilization campaign, in partnership with leading Black organizations and institutions. It builds upon the National Black AIDS Mobilization: a call to action to engage all Black Americans, from individuals to institutions, in a community-wide effort to end the AIDS epidemic. The T1M movement is one of awareness, personal responsibility and collective action.

As part of this important movement, MASS will incorporate EIS activities of HIV Testing, Counseling and Referral for students at Norfolk State University. Clients who walk-in to the HHSS agency can request HIV testing as a result of the Social Network model that is in our outreach program. These locations allow us to provide HIV testing to our targeted audience, which includes Black males and females, men who have sex with men and the emerging population with emphasis on the ages 13-29.

After obtaining a Memorandum of Agreement with Norfolk State Student Activities and Leadership Department, MASS will schedule HIV Testing, Counseling and Referral Services at the Student Union Center twice a month. The NSU Staff provides confidential space for testing and counseling.

Providing Local Testing

MASS also follows the T1M protocol to provide HIV testing in the MASS agency for walk-ins or clients referred by the Outreach Specialist. The Outreach Specialist will help clients engage or re-engage with HIV primary care and case management.

He/she will incorporate the social network model in EIS. Social networking is an activity implemented by the Outreach Specialist to empower HIV positive individuals to refer others who are high risk for HIV/AIDS to be tested.

The recruiter (the HIV-positive person) and the network associate (the high-risk referred person) both will be given incentives for their participation in the referral process. Both individuals will be ask to recruit as many friends and associates that they feel are high-risk or at risk for HIV/AIDS. If the network associate has a negative test result, he/she will receive HIV education and counseling on risk reduction and is given HIV literature, condoms, and HIV testing facts. An incentive gift of a bus pass or gift card, food coupon, etc. will be given to both the recruiter and associate. If the test is positive, MASS will follow-up with the confirmatory testing, refer the client to the local health department and timely refer him/her to medical care and support services within the TGA.

The Outreach Specialist helps clients overcome the barriers that prevent them from accessing care on a regular basis, provide emotional support and help them remain in care.

MASS continues to establish and maintain link agreements with key points of entry into the HIV Care System. MASS has an experienced professional staff to provide administrative and direct care services for EIS and the targeted population. All of our staff members have the proper education, certifications, licensure, and training,  appropriate to their job descriptions and responsibilities.