Free Mail Order HIV Testing

MASS is proud to offer FREE MAIL-ORDER HIV TESTING kits to be mailed to your home. Our program is eligible for mailing to residents of Virginia and Maryland only. Contact MASS Virginia Peninsula Office – (757) 247-1879 or Southside Office – (757) 644-3595 if you would like to pick up a kit in-person.

For all request form submissions, a MASS staff member will need to contact you by phone for a quick consultation concerning this program’s verification requirements before your kit is mailed to you. Please provide the best time to be contacted and any notes concerning below.


OraQuick In-Home HIV Test: How-To Video

Who should get tested for HIV? How often to get tested? What kind of tests are available?

Get answers to these and more frequently-asked questions about HIV and STD testing. Also find FREE and low-cost testing near you.

Watch videos of real people sharing why they get tested.


If my HIV test is negative…

Consider your ongoing HIV prevention strategy. This may include PrEP, a once-daily pill that is highly effective in protecting against HIV.

Talk with your healthcare provider about whether you should schedule a follow-up test. The “window” period when HIV antibodies are detected by a test can take up to 12 weeks after exposure.

If you think you have been exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours, PEP – post exposure prophylaxis – may be an option.


If my HIV test is positive…

A positive HIV self-test needs to be confirmed by a blood test in medical setting. If the follow-up test is also positive, you will start daily antiretroviral medication to lower your viral load. While not a cure, it is possible to reduce the viral load to levels undetectable by lab tests.

When HIV is undetectable it cannot be passed to others through sex.

With ongoing treatment, you can live a healthy, normal lifespan.


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